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  • Lawrence Lee

Things to know before buying a Tower Scaffold

Buying a tower scaffold for your business is a big investment. A tower scaffold can easily cost a few thousand dollars. Some consideration you may need to take care before this big commitment

1. How often do you use the scaffold?

If your project is going to take three months or more to complete and many user are using it then is worthwhile to invest in one. Monthly rental can rack up to almost the same price as a new tower scaffold

2. Are you going to use the scaffold?

If you are a handyman or DIY guy you may want to get a scaffold that you can manage on your own. Small tower scaffold like MiTower or MiTower + can be set up by one person. Even if you have a team of technicians with a small scaffold you can easily deploy on site and set it up fast and complete the task even faster than before. Don't always have to use the big scaffold even though they are cheaper in some ways.

3. Is the purchaser or the technicians that are using the scaffold?

Before buying a scaffold you should ask your colleagues what type of scaffold do they need? Big and cheap is not always the best for your guys. They do not want to carry big and heavy scaffold but small and easy to handle one will be nice. Ask your colleague on sites what scaffold do you often use. Don't let the scaffold be a white elephant in your store!

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